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    Thursday, 18 February 2016

    GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment

    The mask that saved my skin. I'm pretty sure I could just leave this blog post at that because that's exactly what it is! But I have too much to say about this little pot of heaven to leave it at that.

    I'll start by saying my skin is not that bad. I have between normal and combination skin so I have large pores around my nose and I do have blackheads and the ocassional breakouts on my chin area but the rest of my skin is clear. However, around September I had a breakout on my chin which did not budge for months is was red and congested so it was really getting me down. I'd heard SO many good things about this mask especially from youtubers such as Katy from Lustrelux and Jaclyn Hill. But the price? Well. I didnt want to pay £35 for a face mask, I can justify spending £35 on a foundation or a palette but a face mask? I was reluctant. But I bit the bullet and thought to myself 'you know what Becca you should treat yourself' (as if I don't enough already). I ordered it from because the mask had money off it and I had a discount code as well which made purchasing it so much easier. 

    The packaging is to die for! When you open the box there's a little information booklet which says 'hello sexy'..oh GlamGlow you big smoothie. The information booklet lists all the ingredients in the mask and how they work (I won't go into all the technical stuff). So, obviously I took my makeup off straight away as I was so excited to try it regardless of the fact is was 2pm, when new products arrive you gotta do what you gotta do. I applied it just to my T zone and at first when applied to the skin it tingles but this goes away after 2 minutes or so. As the product dries (this is the best and most disgusting part) you can see little dots in the mask which is where the ingredients in the mask are drawing all the bacteria, oil and dirt out of the skin and storing it in the mask ready to be washed off. It's so fascinating to see the mask working! After leaving the mask on an hour or so I rinsed it off with warm water and the first thing I noticed was how the large pores around my nose were smaller! After using the mask twice a week for 3 weeks I have seen a big improvement in my skin, my pores are smaller and my breakout has near enough gone! Even my mum noticed how much my skin has cleared up. Overall, this mask is worth every single penny and I will definitely be repurchasing it as soon as it runs out. 

    Let me know what your favourite face masks are or if you've tried any of the GlamGlow products in the comments! See you soon!

    Rebecca x

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    1. One of my favourite mud masks by far and I just ran out recently so this post has reminded me to stock up x

      Beauty with charm


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