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    Tuesday, 23 February 2016

    February Favourites

    The last week of February already? This month has been amazing for me especially after January which is everyones worst month out of the entire year. I've been away with my boyfriend, had some time off to myself, seen my friends and got to spend some time with my family also. I've also indulged in a few treats for myself (makeup treats, duh! What else would it be?) and now that life seems to have settled down back to normal after the hectic Christmas I'm back on my makeup game and trying out new products left, right and centre. So let's get started onto the products which I have been loving this month!

    MAC Prep+Prime Highlighter Pen 
    I have the shade Lightboost which is probably the most popular. This is a yellow toned liquid highlighter pen and I think it's great for highlighting the high points of the face (centre of the forehead, down the bridge of the nose, under the eyes and also a little underneath the cheekbones to sharpen the contour). What I love about this product is that it has a slight sheen so it brightens the skin beautifully and makes me look so much more awake and makes my skin look fresh, it blends easily and it is definitely not too heavy either so this can be put on top of foundation. I apply the product straight from the pen and blend it out with a Real Techniques Duofibre Contour Brush or a damp Beauty Blender and I feel like it adds more dimension to my face and makes my skin look so much more healthier. 

    MAC Studio Fix Boldblack Lash
    I've not heard many people talk about this mascara and honestly I don't think it receives the credit it deserves. Now, this is the first mascara I ever tried from MAC and I went through about three tubes of it before moving onto Benefit They're Real and then onto Rollerlash and  I've been using Rollerlash for a long time since it came out and it's been my number one. However, about two or three weeks ago I was sat at my desk doing my makeup, beating the face, slaying it etc and I spotted my boldblack mascara in my mascara section and I just used it because I haven't used it in so long and oh my goodness I forgot how BLACK this mascara is. Like wow I remembered why I loved this so much! And the reason why I've been using it so much is because I love wearing false lashes I wear them most of the time because I wasn't gifted with angel wings for lashes so because I wear lashes I'm not really looking for any length or volume in a mascara, I want a super black mascara that makes my natural lashes blend in with my false lashes and when this comes back in stock on the MAC website I'm definitely going to buy another because I've well and truly fell back in love with it. 

    Makeup Geek Eyeshadows
    Becca's talking about Makeup Geek eyeshadows again..shock. We all know how much I LIVE for these eyeshadows but this month in particular there's four shades that I've been particularly loving. (From left to right) Peach Smoothie, Creme Brulee, Frappe and Cocoa Bear have been little gems this month. So I've been using Peach Smoothie as my first transition shade with a MAC 224 brush and blend it into my crease and just up onto the brow bone and then go in with the Creme Brulee shade and do the same. Then taking a MAC 217 brush (major key) I blend Frappe into the crease and then using the same brush I blend Cocoa Bear into the crease again and i also blend this in the outer corner. By taking a darker colour and blending it into the crease each time it gives the illusion of a super deep socket and a larger lid. I pack any gold or copper colour onto the lid, smudge Frappe on the lower lash line pop on some falsies and I'm good to go and this has been my go-to eyeshadow look this month. This creates the most beautiful warm brown smokey eye (and you know I'm all about those warm eyeshadows) and I absolutely adore it. All my Makeup Geek eyeshadows are stored in a large Z palette (I've finally filled one full of Makeup Geek yay!) so all my favourites are kept together in one place!

    MAC Lip Conditioner
    Last but not least is this little beauty. Now lipbalms are a struggle, some are sticky, some don't work, some are gooey and some are just completely irrelevant as hell. I've always struggled to find a nourishing lipbalm that I can pop on before my makeup and let it soak in until I do my lipstick, and I took a leap of faith with this one. This is very pricey for a lipbalm but oh my You know how MAC lipsticks kind of smell a bit like Cadbury's mini eggs? This is the same! Which is amazing because duh it smells good but this is such a wonderful lipbalm. You just squeeze the tiniest amount out of the tube pop on a thin layer and let it soak in. It's so nourishing and rich but its not sticky or gooey whatsoever. I feel like I have finally solved all my lipbalm issues and that makes me incredibly happy. 

    Very unintentional that most of my favourites this month were from MAC that's just the way the cookie has crumbled in February. Let me know what your favourites have been this month in the comments as I would love to know! 


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