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    Monday, 15 August 2016

    Lancôme Haul + Free Gift!

    Before recently I had never tried any Lancôme makeup other than a lipstick. But when I heard about their amazing gift with purchase at work I knew this was the right time to pick up some products. 

    When you buy two products you get a free gift containing a full sized cleanser, full sized makeup remover, mini moisturiser and mini Hypnôse mascara. And when you buy three products you got all the above and a full sized primer too! 

    I purchased a Hypnôse mascara, the new Grandiôse eyeliner and the Lancôme   blending brush. And I got five things free including three full sized products - if you ask me that's pretty amazing! 

    Obviously I was dead excited to try out all my new goodies and I've made my opinions on them for sure! So here's what I think!

    I've heard good things about this mascara and it is definitely one of Lancôme's most popular products which is why it was one of my three choices. I was blown away by this mascara when I used it the day after I purchased it, you can layer this so much and it doesn't clump! I love it on my lower lashes it makes them look super long and makes my eyes look more awake!

    This is a new product from Lancôme which I absolutely love! The handle bends so that you can really get into the nooks and crannies of your eyes without any smudging! It dried matte and I think it's super easy to use! It's not quite beat my Maybelline Gel Liner and MAC 210 brush combination but I love this product nonetheless. 

    We all love a blending brush! Blending brushes are the backbone of good eyeshadow looks - fact. I really wanted to try this as I love new brushes and this one reminded me of my MAC 224 but I think it's slightly smaller. I love using this brush, it is super soft and I like using it just after my MAC 224 to add more dimension and depth to any eyeshadow look!

    This is one of the full sized products I received free with my purchase and I'm so glad I did. I've been using this to remove my eye makeup in the evening and it is truly amazing! I pop a small amount on a cotton pad, hold it on my eye for about 15 seconds and then gently sweep away the makeup and this product makes this process effortless. Because my makeup has a lot of staying power I was surprised how quickly this removed it! I will definitely be repurchasing this when I run out. 

    This was another one of the full sized free gifts but sadly I don't like it. My only reason is that I personally don't like those cleansers which make your skin feel squeeky after washing. It gives my skin a sort of rubbery feel? And I personally don't like that. This is the only thing I don't like about the product!

    This was a free minature which came in the gift and HELLO?! Smoothing? Glow boosting?! Give it to me! I love products that make my skin look plump and radiant and this just does it for me! It's a liquid not a cream so it's not heavy on the skin but I've used this minature 3 nights in a row now (using my La Roche-Posay moisturiser in the morning, see my skincare post for details!) and I wake up and my skin is glowing I absolutely love this product this is another which I will be purchasing in the near future!

    I also received a Hypnôse minature so you can see above for my thoughts on that!

    Has anyone else took advantage of the Lancôme gift at Boots? What are your favourite Lancôme products? Let me know in the comments below! See you soon!

    Rebecca x


    1. What an amazing gift with purchase (usually you get deluxe samples but here you have full sized products). I've had the Hypnose mascara before and loved it. I need to check out that new eyeliner, the design looks so cool x

      Beauty with charm

      1. I know I was so impressed with the full-sized gifts! And it's a lovely mascara I'm enjoying using it at the moment! Thank you for your comment Alina!x


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