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    Thursday, 11 August 2016

    Soleil Tan De Chanel Review

    Good morning queens! I'm super super excited to be writing this post, I've been wanting to write it for so long! If you read my Mini Duty Free Haul or follow me on Instagram and saw this picture, you'll know that I bought the Soleil Tan De Chanel a few weeks back. When I bought this I was so happy as I've wanted it for so long and I've heard amazing things, so after using it for a good while I'm ready to share my thoughts. 

    When I first opened it, I died and came back to life it was SO PRETTY. Part of me wanted to smother my face in it and the other half never wanted to use it. I've been using this so much recently and I absolutely love it so here are my thoughts on the product and how I personally use it.

    The product itself is a cream bronzer that can be worn alone, over foundation or on d├ęcolletage for a bit of tan, this product has so many uses! It has a mousse consistency when you touch it with your fingers but it applies like a cream product. In the pot it's very thick, so you can have a big swirl of your brush in there but you can look back at your pot and it looks like you've used barely any. However, when applied to the skin it blends out so quickly and seamlessly it's actually almost fool proof. 

    I love the colour of the bronzer because it's a warm colour so it doesn't look ashy however, the shade of the bronzer is actually the same shade as my favourite NARS foundation (I'm shade Stromboli) so when using this foundation I steer clear of this bronzer as it doesn't show up on my skin. But when I use my Clarins Skin Illusion foundation (shade 110 Honey), it shows up on my skin as this shade of foundation is lighter than my NARS one. 

    I take a MAC 188 brush (displayed in first picture) and swirl it in the product for about 3 full swirls (?) I then apply this straight to my skin. I start at my ear and drag it downwards under my cheekbone and then back up onto my temples and across my hairline on my forehead, creating a 'C' shape.

    After the product has been applied evenly in a 'C' shape, I use the same brush and circular motions to blend in the product. Note that I am someone who hates cream bronzers or cream contouring! I find it time consuming and I much prefer to bronze and contour with powder products. This is super easy to blend out which is why I love it so much it literally takes me a few seconds. When there is not much product left on the brush I just sweep it once over the bridge of my nose so that my face actually looks like it's been in the sun. 

    Those are my thoughts on the Soleil tan De Chanel, I absolutely adore this product! Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments below! See you soon!

    Rebecca x


    1. It sounds absolutely amazing, but what else can we expect from Chanel?! Lovely post!

      Anika |

      1. You're absolutely right! Nothing but the best! Thank you for your comment!x


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