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    Thursday, 3 March 2016

    MAC, Morphe and NYX Haul

    Good morning! I do love Friday mornings, purely because I'm lucky enough to have Friday's off (even though they're usually spent catching up on college work). I was looking at my makeup yesterday morning and realised how many new products I've bought recently that I haven't yet talked about! There was too many to put in a single haul but here are a few of my favourites that have made it into this post.

    So I'll start with the Morphe Gel Liner in Slate. I use the MAC gel liner in Blacktrack but it's started to go a bit dry and crumbles when I apply it (not glam) so I invested in this Morphe one just to try it out! I'm so impressed with it because it's so creamy and so black which is exactly what I wanted and it's cheaper and works just as good as my MAC one! I thought that because the liner was so creamy that it would transfer onto my lids but it didn't so i'm very impressed with this liner! 

    Of course there had to be a brush involved! I'm always on the hunt for new brushes and when I purchased the Morphe E23 brush I knew I probably wasn't going to get on with it as a blending brush. The best tip I can give is that natural bristles are better for blending eyeshadows than synthetic bristles. As this is a synthetic brush I knew I would find some use for it, what I like using this brush for is applying and blending out cream eyeshadows, the bristles are thicker and can properly blend out the cream seamlessly. 

    I'm a sucker for lip pencils especially MAC ones but I picked up two of these NYX lip pencils in the shades nude pink and nude truffle. Nude pink is good to pair with nude pink (no comment) lipsticks or applied all over the lips and a gloss on top looks good too! The lipliners are a bit dry they're definitely not my favourite but they're good for the price that they are. 

    Next up are my new MAC lipsticks! I don't know what it is but there is definitely something that excites me about a new MAC lipstick! The shades are from left to right Stone, Whirl, Kinda Sexy and Brave. 

    Stone is a cool toned dark brown, matte lipstick. Very 90s, I'm so on that vibe. 

    Whirl is a mauve matte lipstick, which kind of has a brownish undertone. I love this lipstick it's a statement but still a nude shade. 

    Kinda Sexy is a peachy pink nude matte lipstick, peachy toned lipsticks are not my thing but with spring coming up I'm determined to make myself wear these colours because they're so beautiful!

    Last but not least is Brave which is a perfect medium pink satin lipstick, again perfect for spring coming up!

    My MAC lipstick collection has more than doubled since my last MAC lipstick collection post so if an updated collection post would interest anyone feel free to comment and let me know. See you soon!


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