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    Wednesday, 29 July 2015

    Skincare Routine

    We all love to think we've had a skincare routine for years, but for me I'd say that until a year and a half ago my skincare routine was rather part time! But now I can't even think about beginning my day or going to sleep without my rituals.

    My morning skincare routine is slightly different to my night one, only because I prefer a richer moisturiser for my face whilst I sleep.

     I start my morning by using the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, I purchased this about 3 months ago so it is fairly new to my skincare routine but since using it twice daily I have noticed a big improvement in the condition of my skin! The smell is fresh and clean so it's great for waking you up in the morning (yes, even on Mondays!) and because it is a cream cleanser my skin feels well moisturised afterwards as well!

    After cleansing I always reach for my Clinique Clarifying Lotion (I use number 2 for dry/combination skin). I found out about this product a few years ago by sneaking it off my mum and I've been in love with it ever since! It really does take away all the dirt and cleanser residue off my face and I never feel like my skin is properly clean until I've used it (honestly you'd be surprised what this product gets out of your skin when you think it's clean! Gross - but trust me on this one).

    When my skin is squeaky clean I use Benefit 'It's Potent' Eye Cream. I never really thought that using an eye cream would make a difference however a year ago I realised that with all the eyeshadow brushes I shove into my sockets maybe I should give the skin around my eyes a little TLC too! This eye cream has cocoa butter in it so it's super moisturising however the best thing about it is that the product absorbs quickly into the skin - perfect for someone like me who likes to get their face on and attack the day with full force! By the time I come round to putting my makeup on the eyecream has soaked into my skin and doesn't interfere with the way my makeup sets around my eyes, love it!

     I then use my Lush Skin Drink moisturiser (I used to use Skin's Shangri La which was beautiful but a little too rich for under my makeup) I love how Lush products are made from fresh ingredients - it makes me feel so much better knowing that what I'm using on my skin is made from natural products! 
    So that pretty much concludes my morning skincare routine so I'll move on to my nightime routine...

    My nightime skincare routine isn't that much different to my morning routine, the only difference being is that instead of using my Skindrink moisturiser I use Bio-oil instead. So after I've taken my makeup off with the Liz Earle Cleanse&Polish I use Bio-oil on my skin before I sleep because it's richer than a cream so when I wake up in the morning my skin feels so silky and I know that the oil has been working it's magic whilst I've been catching my Z's. Since using Bio-oil I've noticed that my skintone has become a lot more even and although I don't use Bio-oil for scarring or stretch marks which is its primary purpose, I LOVE it for moisturising my face at night! 

    Those are the products I use on my face every single day. However, two or three times a week I do like to use an exfoliator to get rid of any dead skin cells to keep my skin in tip-top shape! My favourite exfoliator currently is the Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream which is heavenly! Also, if my skin is having a bit of a bad day and needs a little pick me up I always reach for a face mask! I've been loving the Quick Fix Facial Purifying Charcoal Mask recently! I usually just apply it to my T-zone as this is my problem area and leave it to set before washing it off. 

    SO! That finally concludes my skincare routine, I'll be sure to update you if I stumble upon any miracle products! Let me know in the comments what your favourite skincare products are! See you soon!

    Rebecca x

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