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    Thursday, 30 July 2015

    July Favourites

    July is drawing to an end! Let's hope that August brings us some sunshine in the UK! The past couple of weeks of rain are starting to make me feel like summer is coming to a close, and honestly I'm not ready for summer to be over yet! However, despite the drizzle, there have been a few perks for me this month and they come in the glorious form of makeup products! So here are a few products which I have been obsessed with this July!

    My first July favourite is the NARS Bronzer in the shade Laguna. We're in the middle of summer and I don't know about you guys but for me this month it's all about that bronzed glow! In the past I have shied away from any bronzers which aren't matte (I was a Benefit Hoola addict for 3 years) however, whilst flicking through Instagram and Youtube I realised how many people love this bronzer and I was dying to get my hands on it! I was kind of put off by the description as it was described to have a golden shimmer in it, but nevertheless I took the plunge and I certainly have not regretted it! For me, the bronzer isn't shimmery at all when applied, it looks matte but I can definitely see the gold flecks in the product itself. It blends easily and I've been using it every day since it was delivered to me (I think my other bronzers are feeling kind of neglected). I use the bronzer to sculpt out my cheekbones and then blend it into my temples to give my face structure and definition. All in all this is a beautiful product, and lets be honest the packaging of NARS products is just as wonderful as what's inside as well!

    My second favourite product of the month is the MAC Burgundy Times Nine Palette. Purchasing this palette for me was so exciting as usually I tend to wear very neutral coloured eyeshadows (I'm a sucker for a good Urban Decay Naked palette) but as much as I love the nude eyes - we all need a bit of colour in our lives! The palette contains 9 eyeshadow colours (they aren't full sized ones but they're a good size anyway!) which have a few bronze/brown shades and then some purple/burgundy shades as well. Going from left to right (swatch picture above) the shades are Honey Lust, Poppyseed, Quarry, Antiqued, Embark, #Noir, Haux, Star Violet and Sketch. I didn't know where to begin with all these shades to play with! The shades which I have been using the most in this palette are Antiqued and Embark (these two shades look amazing next to each other for a bronzed smokey eye) but I think my favourite shades are Star Violet and Sketch blended out with Quarry. Because I have green eyes the purple shades (especially Sketch!) really make my eye colour pop! I've been using this palette so much since I bought it and I would 100% recommend it to anyone thinking about purchasing it as you won't be disappointed. 

    Last but not least is my third favourite makeup product of the month which is the Dior Addict Lip Maximiser Collagen Activ. Personally, I am not a lipgloss person. I've never really liked how sticky lipglosses feel on my lips and plus when you've got long hair like mine lipgloss suddenly becomes a hair magnet and there is nothing more frustrating than having hair attached to your face! (Long haired girls do you feel my pain?) however, I purchased this as I heard it was a good treatment for the lips as well as a lip maximiser! And thank the Dior God's because I have finally found a non-sticky, non-gloopy and moisturising lipgloss! THANK YOU DIOR! I often find myself reaching for this after I've applied a nude pink lipliner all over my lips and I love the neutral look the combination has when I have a smokey eye! Or even a neutral eye! I've never really used lip maximisers because I've never come across one that works for me! Eventually I gave up and accepted that I must simply repel lip maximisers, but this is a miracle product and gives me a natural plump whilst moisturising too which is why it's one of my favourite products for this month!

    So those are my favourite products for July! Let me know in the comments what your favourite beauty or makeup products are this month or if you've used any of the products I chose and what you thought of them! See you soon!

    Rebecca x

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