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    Thursday, 4 October 2018


    Hey lovelies! I’m back, this Thursday’s post is SUPER exciting because today we’re talking about a foundation that is £6 - YES £6! If you read my The Ordinary - Affordable Skincare Haul (and if you haven’t, you should) you’ll know that I picked up The Ordinary Coverage Foundation in the process! This foundation was around £6 so I thought I’d give it a go and let you all know my thoughts! 

    So let’s talk FACTS.

    I purchased this foundation from Cult Beauty for £5.95 - bargain! It has 30ml of product (standard foundation size) AND IT COMES WITH A PUMP! We love that. 

    I purchased the shade 3.0 Y Medium Dark which is the perfect shade for me I’m pretty good at guessing my foundation shade online now (I’m NC40 for MAC Studio Fix for reference). However, 21 shades is a bit pathetic in 2018.

    This foundation claims:

    “Formulated from a unique combination of colour pigments suspended in the brand’s proprietary ‘spreadability system’, this full-coverage yet lightweight liquid foundation offers a smooth, perfected, semi-matte finish that lasts all day without settling into fine lines. For an ultra-natural result, it’s available in 21 versatile shades, ranging from very fair to very deep and each classified according to its undertone. ‘P’ shades stand for pink undertones, ‘R’ for red, ‘N’ for neutral and ‘Y’ for yellow, so you can easily identify your perfect match. And, as if you needed further convincing, the formula also offers SPF 15 mineral sun protection, to protect as it perfects your complexion.” -

    When I review a foundation I like to apply it the way I apply all my other foundations. 
    • No changes to my skincare
    • No primer
    • No changes to my other face products
    • Worn for a good amount of time at work

    After the first day is when I start to switch things up to see if this changes the performance of the foundation!

    Day 1 - 
    I applied the foundation as normal, my first impressions were amazing! It’s super easy to blend and it does provide a lot of coverage! I would say this is a medium-full coverage I wouldn’t say it is full as I could still see some freckles/imperfections on my skin underneath the foundation. I also noticed that this foundation was a lot more dewy than I expected - I don’t think semi-matte is the right description however I am an oily skin type so this could have contributed. As always I set my t-zone and left the rest of my face.

    (This was 8:30am just after I applied the foundation with no edit or filter to this picture)

    I wore this foundation from 8:30am-11pm so 14.5 hours (I’m just as disgusted as you, but this was a long day at work and by the time I’d got home, had something to eat etc I didn’t get to take my makeup off till 11pm!) 

    Around 6/7pm I started to notice that the foundation was becoming slightly patchy around my forehead&chin area. I never set foundation, only in my T-Zone, and what I realised is that this foundation doesn’t dry down so it felt quite sticky on my face all day. However, for a £5.95 foundation, I thought for it to last this long and only some slight patchiness - this was a good result.

    Day 2 - 
    After Day 1 I was intrigued to see if The Ordinary - Spreadability Fluid Primer would contribute to making the foundation last any longer. I also decided to use a pressed powder to set my whole face rather than just my T-Zone to stop the foundation feeling sticky throughout the day. I wore the foundation from 8am - 6pm, 10 hours. 

    I used a few drops all over my skin but focused the product more in the T-Zone. This makes your skin feel soft and I actually enjoyed using this (for someone who hates primers).

    I then applied the foundation again and did everything the same as before except I set my whole face with pressed powder. The foundation looked & lasted a lot longer than the day before by changing these two aspects of the routine. 

    However, despite setting my whole face with powder, I did still feel like I could feel the stickiness of the foundation on my skin, the foundation itself does feel quite heavy and you feel like you’re wearing a lot of makeup - which is probably because the foundation itself doesn’t dry down. 

    So what are my overall thoughts?

    For the price, I think this is a fantastic foundation. 
    Medium to full coverage, long-lasting and a pump - these are all things which I love about the foundation. However, being an oily skin-type I feel like this was just slightly on the dewy side for me - which probably caused some of the patchiness in my T-Zone, I don’t think this foundation is heavy duty enough for my skin type. I also feel like because the foundation doesn’t dry down, it feels heavy on the skin, you’re very aware that you’re wearing foundation.

    Would I wear it again? Yes.
    Would I wear it for a night out? No.
    Would I wear it in the daytime? Yes. 
    Do I think it is worth the price? Absolutely.
    Is it full coverage? No. 

    I hope this has been an interesting read as we took to pieces The Ordinary - Coverage Foundation. I love testing out new products and letting you all know what I think. If you’re on a budget I think you’ll absolutely love this foundation! I have another affordable foundation review coming this week so keep your eyes peeled! See you soon x

    Rebecca x

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