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    Sunday, 30 September 2018


    Hello my little lovelies! It's Sunday and I don't know about you, but Sunday are pamper days for me! Face masks, body creams and tucked in bed watching Netflix (I'd take this over a night out ANYDAY!) So it seems only fitting that I post a little skincare haul for you all, that way we can all feel like we're in the Sunday pamper mood!

    On Tuesday night I looked at all my skincare and thought oh my goodness, everything is running out. My toner is low, my eye cream has nearly ran out. In the life of Rebecca Capel - these are dark, dark times. I've recently brought The Ordinary Salicylic Acid Solution back into my skincare routine and I've been loving it. I thought to myself, I'd love to try some more products from this brand! So I hopped on the internet, did some browsing and £77 and 11 products later - I had my skincare haul! I say skincare haul, I did actually order their Coverage Foundation too! So I'll review that in another post coming soon! 

    So on average I spent £7 per product - Which is amazing! The cheapest product was £4.99 and the most 'expensive' was £12.99. I know a lot of you don't like to splurge on skincare so I want to introduce you to a brand that's affordable, but amazing quality. The products are extremely powerful, so if you're using these ingredients for the first time, just let your skin get used to them by gradually introducing them into your skincare routine and always read the directions and warning labels as some of them make your skin more sensitive to UV rays and so you'll need to wear SPF when you incorporate these products into your routine.

    Cult Beauty & Asos stock The Ordinary products round about the same price. Beauty Bay however, sold them for much more expensive? No idea why, just letting you know so you don't end up spending unnecessary coin huns.

    The first product I popped into my basket in the Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG. I popped this into my basket because my eye cream is running out and I needed a new product for my peepers. Whilst I don't drink a lot of coffee but the thought of putting caffeine on my eyes in something that I can get into. I work long hours, 6/7 days a week. You can imagine my dark circles. Okay so now for all the important stuff.
     *EDIT* I've used this 4 times now and I'm loving it! It actually smells a bit like coffee and you need a tiny drop to cover both eyes, very hydrating and soothing on the eye area.

    Price: £5.99
    Volume: 30ml
    When To Use: AM & PM everyday.
    How To Use: Massage a small amount onto eye contours. Do not rinse.
    What Does It Do?: Reduces eye puffiness & dark circles.
    What's So Good About It? Contains an extremely high concentration of caffeine along with EGCG from green tea leaves to revive and brighten skin around the eyes. Anti-inflammatory and antioxidants provided by this lightweight serum will noticeably improve appearance of eyes.

    Okay my lovelies, product number 2 is the AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution. I popped this into my basket because my gal pal and fellow makeup artist Danielle Beaumont Makeup said she used this on her story the other day and the colour of it just intrigued me. I love a good mask and anything which makes me look like I've got baby soft skin - so this was straight in my Cult Beauty Basket! This is one of those products that you need to wear SPF after using as the AHAs increase your skins sensitivity to the sun.

    Price: £6.30
    Volume: 30ml
    When To Use: No more than twice per week, use ideally in the evening.
    How To Use: Apply evenly to clean, dry skin on face & neck using fingertips. leave on for no longer than 10 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water.
    What Does It Do?: Exfoliates the skin to improve appearance of skins texture & reduce look of fine lines.
    What's So Good About It?: AHAs exfoliate skins top layer for a brighter more even appearance. BHAs exfoliate the skin much more deep to improve pore congestion. Contains Tasmanian pepperberry to reduce inflammation, hyaluronic acid for comfort, vitamin  B5 for healing and black carrot as an antioxidant.

    I was so excited when I saw this on Cult Beauty! I've been wanting to try a new toner for a while now. This is basically a similar product to the Pixi Glow Tonic just 2% stronger and about half the price (no shade because I do love the Pixi Glow Tonic). I'll keep you guys updated with how I feel about this because this is one of the products I'm most excited about! Again this product increases the skins sensitivity to sunlight so make sure you use sun protection my lovelies.
    *EDIT* I looove this! I've used it two nights in a row now after cleansing and it really does make your skin glow! I also find that in the morning my skin isn't as oily and I think it's down to this!

    Price: £6.80
    Volume: 240ml
    When To Use: Use no more than once a day, ideally in the evening. 
    How To Use: After cleansing, saturate a cotton pad with the solution and sweep across face & neck. Avoid the eye contours. Do not rinse. 
    What Does It Do?: A toner that gently exfoliates the skin to improve texture giving the skin a visible boost of radiance & clarity.
    What's So Good About It?: A mild exfoliation product combined with Tasmanian pepperberry to reduce inflammation as well as ginseng root & aloe vera to enhance radiance and offer soothing benefits.

    I don’t want to go into this foundation too much as I want to take it to pieces in it’s own blog post and do a full review for you guys! So that will be coming soon! I attended the James Molloy Masterclass back in May 2018 and he used the Serum Foundation and it looked just beautiful! So when I saw the word COVERAGE you know that it went straight into my Cult Beauty Basket! I was also so intrigued by the price because you can’t get a foundation for £5.95 barely ANYWHERE.

    Price: £5.95
    Volume: 30ml
    How To Use: Shake well before use, smooth on and blend over skin.
    What Does It Do?: Creates a smooth, full coverage, perfected, semi-matte finish that lasts all day without settling into fine lines.
    What's So Good About It?: A unique combination of colour pigments suspended in the "spreadability fluid" to create a full coverage, perfected finish. Offers SPF 15 mineral sun protection.

    I love my oils. Despite having oily skin, they work really well for me! I’ve been wanting to try a Rose Hip Seed Oil product for a while now but I just couldn’t find the right one. So whilst I was adding the whole of Cult Beauty’s The Ordinary stock to my basket I thought I’d throw that in there as well! 

    Price: £9.00
    Volume: 30ml
    When To Use: Once a day, ideally in the evening. After all water based products.
    How To Use: Apply approx. 4 drops and press into skin.
    What Does It Do?: Corrects dark spots, hydrates dry skin, reduces scars, fine lines and encourages cell regeneration.
    What's So Good About It? Packed full of vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Rich quantity of omega 3 & 6 as well as vitamin A to target signs of premature ageing from exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

    Vitamin C products can be tricky because it’s such a difficult ingredient to incorperate into a product. But it’s amazing for anti ageing! And you know me, anything anti-ageing is already in my basket ready to be shipped! So this was a product I’m quite excited to try!

    Price: £4.99
    Volume: 30ml
    When To Use: AM or PM
    How To Use: Apply a small amount to the face. A tingling sensation can be expected after application.
    What Does It Do?: Targets uneven skintone & visible signs of ageing, smooth, brightens and plumps complexion.
    What's So Good About It?: Vitamin C is well known for its brightening properties this antioxidant rich formula combined with hyaluronic acid to hydrate & plump skin.

    Another exfoliation serum! My skin is going to be baby soft for sure! I've heard so many good things about this product helping with scarring, which I don't have a lot of but it's always good to have a product on hand whenever you get a blemish, so at least you know there'll be no scarring.

    Price: £5.99
    Volume: 30ml
    How To Use: Apply a few drops and pat into skin, can be diluted with other treatments to reduce strength until skin develops tolerance.
    What Does It Do?: Gently exfoliates skin, reduces pigmentation, diminishes acne scars & age spots and improves skins texture.
    What's So Good About It?: Lactic acid offers a gentle exfoliation whilst Tasmanian pepperberry reduces inflammation & hyaluronic acid improves skins ability to attract and retain moisture.


    If you're an OG reader and you've been reading my blog since 2015 - you'll know that my favourite haircare product is the Mark Hill Miracoilicious Moroccan Argan Oil and it has been FOR YEARS. So when I saw this I was like ooooh because this is cheaper and a higher strength of argan oil so we'll give it a go and see how it goes!
    *EDIT* I've used this once and so far I like it! I used 4 drops throughout the mid-lengths & ends of my hair before blowdrying. My hair feels soft & smooth.

    Price: £5.99
    Volume: 30ml
    How To Use: Skin - Apply a few drops and pat into skin. Hair - Work a few drops into damp hair.
    When To Use: Skin - Once daily or as needed. Hair - When hair is freshly washed & damp before blowdrying.
    What Does It Do?: Reduces flaking and improves skins overall health and adds strength and sheen to hair.
    What's So Good About It?: Packed with vitamins, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, phenols & carotenes.


    I hate primers. I really do, I think they're useless. But what I do believe in is skin prep. I love a good hydrating oil or a gel moisturiser under foundation YUMMY. So when I read into this product a little bit, it seemed kind of a primer/skincare hybrid - which might be something I can get along with. I haven't got any hopes because anything with the word primer I avoid like the plague - so we'll see and I'll keep you updated!

    Price: £5.50
    Volume: 30ml
    How To Use: Apply a few drops onto face.
    When To Use: Last step in the skincare routine before makeup
    What Does It Do?: Creates a smooth canvas for makeup
    What's So Good About It?: Free from alcohol, water & oil this silky smooth serum hydrates skin without feeling greasy for a natural dewy look.


    Does the word buffet just drag anyone in? I love a good buffet, but a skincare buffet? I'm all for it! Especially when it's an anti-ageing product! I love anything anti-ageing I always say it's better to be proactive than reactive I'm nearly 22 but when I'm 50 I want to look 30 so you can bet that this is one of the products I'm most excited about. It's basically a cocktail for your skin.

    Price: £12.99
    Volume: 30ml
    How To use: Apply a few drops to entire face.
    When  To Use: After cleansing in the am & pm
    What Does It Do?: A powerful all in one treatment that tackles multiple signs of ageing.
    What's So Good About It?: Contains 11 skin friendly amino acids and multiple peptide complexes to stimulate collagen production, diminish fine lines and plump the skin.


    A lot of the products I've mentioned above, you have to wear SPF whilst using them as they increase your skins sensitivity to the sun. I love having an SPF 15 in my moisturiser anyway just so I have some sun protection (you need it even in the UK guys if you wanna be an anti-ageing queen like me) and this one sounded beautiful and HELLO BLUSH PINK PACKAGING.

    Price: £7.90
    Volume: 50ml
    How To Use: Apply liberally to face.
    When To Use?: 15-20 minutes before sun exposure
    What Does It Do?: Minimises intensity of UV rays on the skin whilst providing hydrating & soothing properties.
    What's So Good About It?: Doesn't contain nanoparticles that penetrate the skin & enter the body. Contains non-pore-blocking silicones, extremely lightweight, bio sugar complex provides short & long term hydration, Tasmanian pepperberry reduces inflammation.

    WOW That's it huns! What a haul! I hope that this post has helped you understand a bit more about these products as I understand that you might look at them and think - well what is it? I'll be trying and testing these skincare products and I'll catch up with you at the end of October/start of November and let you know what's working for me, what isn't and what I'll be recommending to you! I've got some affordable foundation reviews coming up next week so keep your eyes peeled! See you soon hunnies!

    Rebecca x

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