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    Monday, 8 October 2018


    Hey lovelies! I'm back! This is just a quick post to say that I've just uploaded my first ever YouTube Tutorial! For those who don't know I'm a fully qualified makeup artist, I do appointment, lessons and courses but I've been watching to start YouTube for a long time now. Blog posts are amazing for pretty pictures and creative writing however, when a look requires a lot of explanation and demonstration, I feel like YouTube is a better platform to express my work.

    So my first video ties in with my current #31DaysOfHalloween challenge I have going on, on my Instagram @rebeccacapelmakeup. I'm uploading a Halloween look every single day of October so if you could check it out that would be amazing! 

    Today's video is inspired by a girl I found on Instagram her handle is @simple.symphony, she's absolutely incredibly at what she does and she is a fantastic artist so go and check her out too!

    If you want to see how to get this SFX Football To The Head look then the video is linked down below! If you liked my video and subscribed as well that would mean the absolute world to me x

    See you in my next post!

    Rebecca x

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