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    Thursday, 27 September 2018


    Hey lovelies! Welcome, welcome, welcome. This Thursday’s post is all about SKIN. There is a HUGE trend of flawless, glowy skin and I am loving it! Unfortunately most of us don’t have goddess skin (does anyone?) so we have to make the most of what we have! I don’t have perfect skin but I like to think that I really look after my skin and I always always always get questions from my clients about how I keep my skin so clear (you’re all so lovely) and it comes down to a lot of things. All of which make the application/appearance of my foundation look a million times better! So I’m gonna share all my little tips with you x


    HELLO?! Obviously one of the most important tips for getting flawless foundation is to find the right foundation for your skin. So there are a couple of things you need to figure out first. 

    What’s your skin type? Oily, Dry, Normal or Combination? This will determine what kind of finish (matte, semi matte, dewy etc) will compliment your skin best. For example, my skin type is oily so as you can imagine a dewy foundation on me makes me look like I’ve been for a cardio gym sesh but on dry skin, it looks beautiful!

    What finish do you want? Dewy, Matte, Semi Matte? It depends what type of look you’re going for! If you have dry skin, don’t just jump on the bandwagon and order a super matte foundation that everyone else is buying - chances are you’re going to HATE it. I have oily skin, but I hate how matte foundations make my skin feel! So i always opt for semi matte - I think semi matte foundations are amazing for all skin types because you can adapt your skin prep to suit the foundation. 

    What’s your budget? When it comes to finding the right foundation for you, how much you’re willing to spend is an important factor - some of us wear foundation everyday, some of us wear it once a week! So how much you’re willing to spend definitely comes into the picture. A lot of drugstore brands (such as the likes of Revolution Pro & Maybelline) are coming out with some amazing affordable foundations - just because your budget is lower, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. On the other hand if you wanna splurge on a pricey foundation - you go girl! There’s a foundation out there for everyone.

    What’s your shade? Ahhh shades. This is what annoys me about choosing a foundation. Because there’s always some silly ol’ brand who thinks 20 foundation shades is gonna cut it for everyone! Sorry hun? No. When you’re choosing a foundation, make sure you choose a brand & a product that has a wide shade range because 1. You’re going to find a match as close to your skin as possible and 2. Because we don’t support brands that think anything less than 35 shades is gonna cut it. Go into the shop and have a swatch and a play and don’t be scared to ask for a sample! I’m pretty good at guessing my shade online now but if you need help there’s an amazing website called Findation which you can use if you’re browsing online.


    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Unfortunately, water & healthy eating contribute to the way your skin looks and in turn, the way your foundation looks. I cannot drill it into you enough that when you start drinking 2 litres of water everyday that your skin will look ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Have a little faith in me and take this up because I think this is one of the most important steps to making your foundation look flawless. 

    My waterbottle is from HydrateM8 and it’s a 1 litre bottle, I fill it up 2/3 times a day it’s a great help if you’re trying to drink more water as it tracks how much you’re drinking. 


    Oh hey healthy living! Hope you like my lil rainbow salad guys, I took this pic from my Slimming World Instagram Account because since I’ve been following a slimming world plan, I’ve been incorperating SO MANY more vegetables & fruits into my diet and this has massively improved the appearance of my skin. Fruits & vegetables contain essential vitamins that keep our skin looking nothing less than amazing.

    Vitamin B increases fatty acids in the skin which promotes exfoliation and firmness and can be found in eggs and vegetables.
    Vitamin C is often referred to as the “building block of collagen” it gives the skin elasticity, tone & structure - you can find vitamin C in citrus fruits, broccoli, bell peppers, berries & tomatoes.
    Vitamin E helps to build & maintain healthy skin tissue and can be found in foods such as leafy greens (kale, cabbage etc), nuts and wholegrains.

    So get eating your veggies girls because you’ve spent your hard earned cash on your new foundation and this is how to make it look better.


    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I BEG OF YOU. Please stop fake tanning your face. It blocks pores & dehydrates your skin. If you have no fake tan on your face your foundation will apply so much more beautifully, if you have fake tan on your face it can often make your foundation look dry and dull because of the shade of tan underneath and how dry it will be in comparison to your natural skin type. So if you want to look flawless - ditch it! Your skin will thank you later. 


    Are you taking your makeup off properly at night? Do you cleanse again afterwards? Well you should be! I always say to my clients - ditch makeup wipes. They’re hoffiric, they’re bad for your skin. End of. Use a makeup remover/cleansing milk and cotton pads! And keep going until your cotton pads are clean when they sweep over your skin (I mean it - not a single trace of makeup or dirt left on those cotton pads!) That’s how you know you’ve taken your makeup off properly. And then cleanse with a face wash to remove any residue of makeup remover and to actually wash the pores. All of this contributes to your foundation looking better and you might even save some money because you won’t need as much foundation! This step is vital to maintaining amazing skin whilst we're resurfacing it with foundation everyday!


    Exfoliating is amazing. We can go from having dull lifeless skin to cheeks that look like GLASS in a matter of minutes. Exfoliate twice a week, once if you’re sensitive. Find a good exfoliator that’s right for you. I love GlamGlow YouthMud however this is very abrasive so I only feel I need it once a week and if you have sensitive skin I wouldn't go for this at all. Decleor Aroma Purete Purifying & Exfoliating Mask is less abrasive and kinder to the skin so I love this one too - it smells so fresh! Once you relieve your skin from all the dead skin cells, your foundation will look so much more radiant and bright and you’ll look younger too!

    Another exfoliation product I’ve been using for a while now is The Ordinary Salicylic Acid Solution - I use about 3 drops of this morning and night and what this does essentially is “exfoliates” inside of the pores of your skin, it goes so much deeper than a manual exfoliator and helps to keep my pores clean and unblocked which is helpful if we’re wearing foundation, as makeup can clog pores which can lead to comedones (blackheads) on the skin. Plus this product is DIRT CHEAP. I love it.


    Even if you’re oily (like me) you still need to moisturise. Your skin goes through a lot in a day with the weather, air pollution and sun damage (even in the UK) so protecting your skin is a must to make sure you have the best skin for your foundation. Even at night, your needs to be hydrated whilst it's repairing itself whilst you sleep. It’s also important to keep the skin hydrated as when we use cleansers/toners this can sometimes strip the skin of it’s natural oils so we need to put the moisture back in so we get that lovely healthy youthful glow back so our foundation looks flawless! Don’t forget to let your moisturiser sink into the skin before you apply foundation otherwise the foundation will follow the skincare into the pores and they will become blocked!


    Okay, I get it. We all love liquid illuminators at the moment! However, I keep seeing this trend of people putting illuminators all over their face before foundation and it is the most hellish thing I’ve ever seen. Illuminators highlight texture. Texture meaning pores, dry skin, flaky skin, spots, blackheads. WHY ARE WE ALL DRAWING ATTENTION TO THE THINGS WE’RE TRYING TO HIDE WITH FOUNDATION!!!!!!!!! A little bit of strobe cream under foundation looks beautiful but all this illuminator business is grinding my gears. Ditch this and swap it for a super hydrating moisturiser and you’ll have skin just as glowy. Then after you’ve applied foundation you can glow yourself up in the areas that you feel you need it.
    I mean who is trying to highlight their whole face? Really?


    Your skin goes through a lot. It’s so important to look after it in terms of ageing, sun damage, your health & environmental damage but if we look after our skin - our foundation and the rest of our makeup will look so much better! You’re eyeshadow & lipgloss might look absolutely amazing but that only takes up about 20% of your face - the rest is your skin! So if you want to make the most out of that new foundation you’ve just bought then start investing in your skin and the rest will pay off! 

    It’s important to treat your skin, so have a facial once a month, buy the skincare products you love, invest in a new waterbottle! I love the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery it’s £38 but my god it WORKS whenever my skin feels dull or tired or I’ve been creating looks all day taking my makeup on and off - I use this to rejuvenate my skin. I think of this product as taking my skin out for a nice expensive meal to say sorry for what I’ve put it through. 

    That wraps up today’s post! These are my top tips on how to make your foundation look flawless whatever your budget! And as you may have noticed - it all starts from your skin! What are your favourite skincare products? Or what do you do to make your foundation look flawless? Let me know and I’ll see you in the next post!

    Rebecca x


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