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    Tuesday, 2 August 2016

    Tony Moly Sheet Mask Review

    A good while ago I was flicking through Bloglovin and noticed how popular Korean Skincare was! So obviously I needed to try some for myself! The Tony Moly I'm Real sheet masks stuck out to me and I found out you could get all 11 types in a bundle from amazon - perfect!

    The bundle comes with 11 types of sheet mask; tea tree, lemon, tomato, pomegranate, avocado, rice, makgeoli, red wine, seaweed, broccoli and aloe. I was so so excited when these came in the post and I set out to use one sheet mask per week, but then it occured to me that if Korean women use one every night to get their glowing complexion - then that's what I shall do.

    My first impressions of the mask was that they were beautiful! The sheet was soft, saturated with product and the packets were easy to open. So here's what I thought of each mask!

    Broccoli (Vitality)
    This mask is for providing vitalizing energy to tired skin. This was the first mask I tried and definitely my favourite out of the bundle. It definitely does not smell like broccoli and doesn't have a potent scent. This mask was so soothing on my skin and afterwards my skin was plumper and looked more healthier and radiant. I felt like my skin had just drank a super smoothie!

    Avocado (Nutrition)
    This mask makes dull skin look radiant and glowing. As soon as I took this mask out the packet I knew it was a moisturising one because the serum which it was saturated with was so rich in moisture and I was right it was definitely very moisturising! This mask also doesn't have a potent smell. 

    Red Wine (Pore Care)
    This mask tightens uneven skin with large pores. I have larger pores around my nose so I was excited to see how this mask worked for me, I wasn't expecting miracles because you can't use a mask once and expect to be practically poreless. I didn't see a difference in the size of my pores afterwards however, my skin definitely did look fresher!

    Aloe (Moisturising)
    This mask moisturises dry skin. I used this mask after my GlamGlow SuperMud Clearing Treatment which is a charcoal mask so it extracts all the nasties out of my skin. So the aloe mask was perfect after this to put moisture back into my skin. This mask was so so moisturising and didn't have a strong smell. The aloe mask was also one of my favourites out of the selection. 

    Lemon (Brightening)
    This mask had a light citrus smell but it wasn't too potent. This mask wasn't my favourite I found that it was a lot drier than the rest of the masks. 

    Rice (Clear Skin)
    This mask was almost on par with the broccoli mask. I didn't think that this one would phase me because rice? What? But I absolutely loved it! It was so soothing and the serum felt absolutely amazing on the skin! 

    Tomato (Radiance)
    If this mask smelt of tomatoes I would instantly be put off - but it didn't! It was a beautiful mask which was very soothing and made my skin look very healthy! Definitely another favourite in the bundle. 

    Makegeolli (Skin Purifying)
    This mask was another favourite, I don't actually know what Makegeolli is but whatever it is, it did me some good! This mask was so gorgeous it was very nourishing.

    Seaweed (Skin Purifying)
    This mask was extremely refreshing, it was like a pick-me-up for my skin. This mask didn't have a strong smell either. 

    Pomegranate (Elasticity) 
    I actually took this mask away with me and used it at the end of the week. It was an absolute blessing, all week of the sun on my face, sea water and chlorine can't have done my skin any favours so using this mask for half an hour was amazing! Afterwards I felt so refreshed and my skin felt so much healthier. 

    Tea tree (Skin Soothing)
    This is another mask that I took away with me however, I didn't actually try it so this review is from my boyfriend! He thought this mask was refreshing and wet (I think he means there was a lot of serum in the mask) and he thought he looked super scary. 

    Overall, I absolutely love these sheet masks. They're saturated with serum and they feel so soothing on the skin. Everytime I used a mask my skin just thanked me for it and now that I've used them all I just had to order some more because I don't think I can live without them! 

    I'm definitely intrigued to try different brands of sheet masks and I really want to try some more Korean skincare too! 

    Let me know if you have tried these sheet masks or if you recommend any sheet masks in the comments below! See you soon! 

    Rebecca x


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