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    Monday, 4 April 2016

    My Favourite Pins

    Pinterest is one of those apps which is great when you're looking for inspiration for just about anything! I personally love it when I'm having a lazy day as I can just take some time out, grab myself a cup of tea and let me tell you I can just keep on scrolling and scrolling.

    These are my favourite types of pins...

    Home Pins
    Wow. These are some of my favourite home pins (obviously there's many more!) They definitely give me a lot of inspriation for when I have my own place in the future and they definitely make me feel a little bit envious! 

    Makeup Product Pins.
    This is no surprise to anyone. I love makeup and I love collecting it and my wishlist is endless! These types of pins make me want to expand my makeup collection and inspire me to try new products and brands. 

    Cosy Pins.
    Ooh I just love these! As much as I love getting glammed up, I just love those days (like today) when I put a comfy tracksuit on, get a cup of tea and just get cosy and watch some Netflix. We all need some time to ourselves to unwind and relax. 

    Those are my favourite types of pins on Pinterest! You can follow me on Pinterest by clicking here and I would love know what your favourite pins are, let me know in the comments. See you soon!

    Rebecca x


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