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    Tuesday, 9 October 2018


    Hey lovelies! I’m back and this week we’ve got 3 blog posts and a Youtube video! And to kick off your Monday - we’re delving into the most beautiful brushes ever created - Cosmic Brushes. 

    (Blood Moon Set)

    Don’t these brushes just SCREAM Pinterest! But that’s not even the best part! Cosmic Brushes are cruelty free, handmade and are all synthetic brushes! But what makes them stand out from the rest is that they’re not private labelled and they’re the best synthetic brushes I’ve ever used for as long as I’ve been doing makeup. 

    I was introduced to the brand when I was hired to be their makeup artist on a campaign shoot for their new collection. Cosmic Brushes were kind enough to gift me with some of their beautiful brushes for me to play with before the shoot*! I’ve been using these brushes (including their new collection) since September. I’m super excited to share with you some of my favourite brushes from the brand that I now, couldn’t live without. Talking about the products with the Cosmic Brushes team made me realise how much effort & work goes into these brushes - there is honestly nothing else like this on the market that even compares!

    My new favourite eye brushes are from the Gold Star Eye Set. The set includes 5 beautiful synthetic brushes. 3 of which I cannot possibly live without. I’ll be using these in my upcoming Youtube videos so you can see how I use them but application with these is absolutely flawless.

    This particular brush is from the new Royal Sapphire Set (£55). The Pre-Sale for these brushes is on the 10th October (12pm UK time) and after that the General Release is on the 20th October. I’ve been using this brush for bronzer & blusher and honestly I’m obsessed. I can’t understand how this is synthetic because it feels so much like natural hair - which is good for applying powder products. The size of this brush is perfect for the cheek area! I'm obsessed with this brush and I can't stop using it!

    Ahhh this little beauty! This is my favourite brush from the new Royal Rose Gold Set! I love it for foundation, blending concealer under the eye, applying moisturiser to clients - it’s a good all-rounder! This is also going on Pre-Sale on the 10th October and the General Sale will be 20th October.

    That’s it for today’s post huns! Aren’t these just the most beautiful brushes you’ve ever seen?! I’m in love with them and not sure if I can ever live without them! Make sure you check out Cosmic Brushes - they have some beautiful products! See you in the next post..

    Rebecca x

    *Some of these products were sent to me for free for me to try out, all opinions are my own*

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