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    Monday, 9 January 2017

    Two Winter Skin Saviours

    Happy Monday my loves! Is anyone else's skin having a post-Christmas breakdown? Mine certainly is, I can't wait for my skin to be back to normal again! My skin is usually normal to oily but in the winter it needs an extra boost of hydration when it can begin to feel tighter.

    Recently I've been trying and testing new skincare products, I love using my La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+ as my morning moisturiser - it keeps my skin clear and works wonderfully underneath makeup! However, in the evening I need something a little more hydrating.

    At work I've been keeping my eye on the Decleor Merry Oils Christmas Set, waiting for it to go down to half price in the sale. In the set there was a full sized micellar oil, full sized Neroli night balm, full sized Neroli oil serum, a small sized soft satin oil and a small sized body exfoliator. The whole set was priced at £89.90 but it was worth around £120 (if I remember rightly, I can't find how much it was worth!) but I purchased it half price in the sale for £45 (House Of Fraser). What a bargain!

    I've been trying the products out for just over a week and a half now and I've got two favourites from the set which have really been helping my skin by giving it a boost of hydration.

    Decleor offer a range of skincare based on different essential oils suitable for each skin type and condition. The Aromessence Oil Serum is one of my favourite products. All you need is a few drops of this and it feels and smells like a spa on your skin. This is the perfect product for applying to your skin at night so the oil can work it's magic whilst you sleep - I've been waking up with glowing skin! You can also mix a few drops of this into your moisturiser for a hydrating mask!

    This is another one of my favourite products from the set. If my skin is feeling super dry and tight this is such a saviour because it's so rich. This is a thick balm which you only need a small amount of. I take a small amount and rub it between my fingers to warm the product and then apply to my skin at night. This also contains the Neroli essential oil. I wouldn't recommend using this with the oil serum though - oil overload.

    Have you tried any Decleor products? How are you coping with winter skin? Let me know your skin saviours in the comments below. See you soon!

    Rebecca x

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