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    Wednesday, 19 October 2016

    Autumn Lipstick Picks

    The weather is absolutely freezing and I'm loving every minute, we're well an truly into autumn meaning there's no stopping us from breaking out those old favourites from last year and also gives us an excuse to buy more autumn lipsticks yay!

    When picking out my favourite autumn lipsticks I noticed that they were all products which I've purchased recent, I must have been subconsciously thinking about autumn all summer! So here are my favourites for this season!

    I love the Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Lipsticks, they're incredibly pigmented and so comfy to wear all day! Sienna is a dark red shade with a hint of plum (it reminds me of MAC Diva). 

    I was after this lipstick for so long before i got it purely because I love warm browns! Light or dark I need them all! This deep chocolate brown is perfect for this season! For a full review on the lip kits click here.

    As much as I love the plum shades, a trusty nude is always welcome! My favourite recently is Crushed Pecan! It's a brownish nude and wears so comfortably on the lips!

    I think this might just be my favourite of them all. It's no secret that Tom Ford lipsticks are quite pricey as far as lipsticks go, but personally I think they're worth every penny. I wore this out the other night for a meal, wine was flowing (of course) and when I looked at my glass there was no transfer! I was so shocked! But it didn't survive my food unfortunately.

    (Top to bottom) Laura Mercier - Sienna, Kylie Cosmetics - True Brown K, Laura Mercier - Crushed Pecan and Tom Ford - Black Dahlia.

    What are your favourite lipsticks this autumn? Let me know in the comments below! See you soon!

    Rebecca x


    1. Love your picks! Black Dahlia is just stunning!

      Nicole | The Glam Surge

    2. Love these lippies! I can't wait to get my hands on a dark Tom Ford shade, I only have a nude one and it's a little lonely :) x

      | |

      1. Don't let it be lonely! Lipsticks should be bought in even numbers! What nude shade do you have?x


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