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    Thursday, 24 March 2016

    Current Favourite Lip Products

    We're venturing into spring now and I'm moving from the dark purples to the nudes and the pinks. So I thought I'd share the lip looks I've been wearing recently.

    My two holy grail lip liners currently are MAC Stripdown lipliner and MAC Spice lipliner. They are both nude lip liners so they pair well with most nude lipsticks. I've also been loving the NYX soft matte lip creme in Abu Dhabi, 3 MAC lipsticks in the shades Creme In Your Coffee, Honeylove and Myth and of course my holygrail lipgloss the Dior Collagen Activ Lip Maximiser. 

    I've been using Stripdown liner with the NYX soft matte lip creme for a neutral matte nude lip and I have also been using it with MAC Myth lipstick with the Dior gloss on top for a super glossy nude. I found that Myth on its own was slightly too light for my taste but with Stripdown liner on underneath it looks amazing.

    I have been using the Spice lipliner with MAC Honeylove lipstick and also with the Creme In Your Coffee lipstick too (a new addition to the family). 

    From left to right the swatches are NYX soft matte lip creme in the shade Abu Dhabi, MAC Honeylove, MAC Myth and MAC Creme In Your Coffee. 

    Those are my current favourite lip products and combinations that I've been wearing recently, what are your favourite lip products? Let me know in the comments. See you soon!

    Rebecca x



    1. Replies
      1. Thank you! And it is, I now know why everyone raves about it! Xx

    2. Creme in your coffee looks so good! I'm loving Cosmo & Midimauve from MAC at the moment. But by 'at the moment' I kind of mean, for the last two years hahaha. I'm such a creature of habit x

      Katina |

      1. I don't have either of those I'll have to look into them! And hahaha! We all get stuck in our ways!x


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