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    Wednesday, 2 September 2015

    Tenth Blog Post

    Double figures! This is my tenth blog post so to make it all about the big 1 0 I thought my tenth blog post should be about my ten favourite makeup products! It was really really hard to narrow my favourites down to just ten and unfortunately I have more than ten favourite products but obviously there are some which just didn't make the cut! So, without any more rambling on here are my top ten favourite makeup products.

    1. Mary-Lou Manizer from The Balm Cosmetics. If you've read my August Favourites blog post you'll know all about why I love this highlighter, but if you didn't then I'll explain it all again. If you're like me and you are all about the strong highlight game then you will love this! Out of all the highlighters I've used this is the most intense one, I first bought this product in December and it's now September and I've been using it pretty much everyday and it barely even looks used! A little bit goes a long way with this product and it blends beautifully. I apply it to the tops of my cheekbones, tip of my nose and on my cupids bow and any left over on my brush goes in the centre of my forehead (gotta get that glow on). I find powder highlighters work best for me than cream or liquid highlighters because I do set my foundation with powder so cream and liquid products don't blend on top of my powder very well (or at all for that matter) so I'm glad that this is a powder product as it applies so much easier. I have a medium skin tone when I've fake tanned which is pretty much all the time so the champagne colour of this highlighter is the perfect shade. 

    2. Laguna Bronzer from NARS. Again if you read my July Favourites post you will know all about my feels for this product but reading about it twice never hurt nobody. I used to love Hoola bronzer from Benefit and I had it for a long time (at one point I even used it as a powder to set my foundation but we can forget about that time in my life) and I loved it but recently when I've been going on nights out and I'm more fake tanned than on a day to day basis so the Hoola bronzer just wasn't dark enough and it started to look a bit grey (not chic). I'd heard great things about this bronzer and I loved that it has a red undertone so it would be perfect for those times when my skin is darker because of my fake tan. And then that was it! I was hooked! And I've been hooked ever since. I haven't used any other bronzer because I love this one so much! The product has gold flecks in it but when you apply it to the skin personally I can't see any shimmer which also makes it a perfect product for contouring. It is a deep colour bronzer so I tend to steer away from it on my pale days but the rest of the time I can't get enough. I use it to contour my cheekbones and then blend it up towards my temples and then under my jawline as well. If you're looking for a new bronzer, this one is amazing, I've only just hit pan on it and I've been using it nearly everyday for about two months maybe? It's a little pricey but personally I think it's worth every single penny.

    3. MAC Fluidline Gel Liner in Blacktrack. I only used to wear eyeliner when I went on a night out because I couldn't really be bothered with the effort that it took to get a straight line across my lashline however, I think it was because I was using the wrong products. I found that liquid liners were too messy for me and I also found that eyeliner pens were too thick for me to work with so I thought enough is enough! I had to invest in a gel liner and a thin brush so I could get this liner game going! I bought this eyeliner along with the MAC 210 Eyeliner Brush and oh how much easier this made my life! Because the brush is so thin I don't have to worry about drawing my line too thick and I can get a good sharp point on my wing as well but as good as the brush is the eyeliner itself is what wowed me. It's quite creamy so it's really easy to apply and it sets with kind of a semi matte finish which I love because I didn't like the glossy look which other eyeliners gave me. The product is long wearing and best of all doesn't transfer onto my eyelids! All these reasons are why I've been wearing eyeliner more and more because I find it so much easier! Not everyone prefers a gel eyeliner and a brush but it works perfectly for me and has made doing my eyeliner much more easier!

    4. Hello Flawless Custom Powder Cover-up from Benefit. Finding the right powder in the right shade was the biggest struggle for me. Most powders I'd used were too chalky, too red toned, too cakey or just made my face look flat! It was a disaster but I am a big fan of Benefit products so I thought I'd try it, I had no hopes of it being amazing because of the disappointment I'd had from other powders but I was pleasantly surprised. I have the shade Honey and it's kind of got a yellow undertone which is great because it means that my face will match my fake tan. It gives a demi matte finish so my skin still actually looks like skin (?) and it makes my foundation look flawless. The only downside to this product is that it doesn't last very long, it's only 1 or two months after buying it when I find my self getting to the last little bit and need to purchase another. But it's still one of my top ten favourite makeup products because it's the perfect shade, texture and finish for my skin so I don't mind going out and buying it more often than I'd like to. 

    5. Naked Basics Palette from Urban Decay this is in my favourites because it is my most used palette. It has 6 eyeshadows (Venus, Foxy, Walk of Shame, Naked 2, Faint and Crave) which are all matte except for Venus. I love this palette because of its wearable shades and how you can create an eye makeup look using every single eyeshadow in the palette which is something you can't do with many palettes! I use the shade Foxy everyday to set my eyeshadow primer so that all my eyeshadows blend better as trying to blend powder into a liquid eyeshadow primer is very difficult as you can imagine. Venus is lovely for a brow bone and inner corner highlight and I tend to use Walk of Shame on the inner part of my lid, Naked 2 as a transition colour in my crease, Faint on the outer section of my lid and blended on my bottom lashline and Crave in my outer corner. Despite the eyeshadows being matte they are really creamy and blend like a dream! 

    6. Peppermint Lipbalm from EOS. I've heard people rave about EOS lipbalms and I've heard people who don't like them and as a lipbalm on its own I personally think it's pretty average. BUT what I love about these lipbalms is that because they are quite waxy they don't give off much product when you apply it. This is why these lipbalms are absolutely perfect to put on before applying lipstick! Although I love a matte lipstick they can be quite drying but no one wants a big thick gloopy layer of lipbalm on just before applying lipstick! So what I tend to do is just sweep my EOS lipbalm over my lips once and then apply my lipstick. So matte lipsticks are no longer drying and I don't have to waste time waiting for a thicker lipbalm to soak in! Problem solved.

    7. Stay Don't Stray from Benefit. Until about 6 months ago I never bothered with eyeshadow primers. The ones I had used just didn't do anything for me, if anything they made it harder for me to blend my eyeshadow and so I abandoned ship. However, last christmas I treated myself to one of the Benefit christmas boxes which contained 4 eyeshadows, a minature They're Real mascara and a sample size of the Stay Don't Stray eyeshadow primer so I thought I'd give it a try! This primer has a concealer in it as well which means that it adds coverage so that I can start my eyeshadow with an even base. I set it with the Foxy eyeshadow from my Urban Decay Naked Basics palette so my eyeshadows blend easier. The primer makes my eyeshadow last longer and I've noticed that when I wear this eyeshadow primer my eye makeup stays put for longer and doesnt move around, and because I loved it so much I bought the full sized one!

    8. Modesty Lipstick from MAC. This is one my favourite lipsticks. It's a creme sheen lipstick so it's super moisturising and the colour is perfect for everyday. It can be so hard to find a lipstick that goes with most makeup looks and lasts long enough to wear everyday. The colour is kind of a dark nude with a hint of pink, a lot of people (including me) describe it as a 'your lips but better' colour. I love owning this lipstick because I know that I always have it to fall back on if I'm being indecisive about which lipstick to wear.

    9. Rimmel London 1000 Kisses Lipliner in Tiramisu. This lipliner is in my favourites because it exactly matches my MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick and it took me so long to find a good matching lip liner for this lipstick! However, it's also really pigmented as well so it's great to wear on its own all over the lips. The lipliner lasts all day and I always find that I never have to top it up. Although the lipstick is really pigmented and a great colour if worn alone it can be a little drying.

    10. Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade if you know me personally or you've read my Lazy Day Makeup post you will know how much I love this product. This is the only product in my makeup routine that I am not willing to change. The dipbrow is waterproof, smudge proof and basically bulletproof! The formula is creamy and glides on like a dream. I have been using this since December and 8 months later I'm only about two thirds of the way through my pot. I love love love this product so much because of how easy it is to apply and how long it lasts. If you're all about the strong brow - get this and you will not be disappointed!

    So, that wraps up my tenth blog post! It's been a lengthy one but a little reading never hurts! Let me know what your top ten makeup products are! See you soon!

    Rebecca x

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