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    Monday, 15 October 2018


    Hey lovelies! Here we are again with more products that I’ve bought for us to review! I say us because I feel like I buy products for us all to try out I feel like we’re best friends and we’re all shopping together and buying things and testing it out and talking about how we feel - i dunno!haha 

    So I’m so late on the Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Vault Collection - I’ve just got so many eyeshadows & palettes in my kit and it makes me think WOW do I really need more? But my inner shopping addict took over my body and made me finally buy the collection.

    I have the first Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Palette and it’s one of my favourite palettes in my collection so I was very hopeful that I’d love the Vault Collection just the same!

    So what I want to do is swatch each palette in this blog post and give my first impressions and from that I want to film 4 YouTube tutorials showing you looks you can use with each individual palette (because some people might not want to buy the whole collection) so keep your eyes peeled on my YouTube channel for those tuts coming out soon!

    So let’s talk about the facts. I purchased the Vault Collection on the Morphe UK website for £49 with standard free shipping. I ordered on the Sunday and it arrived on the Wednesday. In the Vault Collection you receive 4 palettes; Ring The Alarm, Armed & Gorgeous, Dark Magic & Bling Boss. Each palette has 10 shades in making the whole collection add up to 40 shades.
    THAT WORKS OUT AT £1.23 PER EYESHADOW!!!!!!!!!!!

    My first impressions were..the packaging is great! For 4 palettes it's so compact perfect for travelling, I'm going to Amsterdam for a few days in November and don't want to take many palettes so will definitely be taking one of these. When I started to open each palette I was just blown away at the colours. Some of the shades may seem unwearable to some people, however, being a makeup artist there are some shades in these palettes that I've been needing for a long time. I also love that there's a mirror in each one! There's no longer an excuse for brands not to put mirrors in palettes. Fact. 

    So let's take a closer look...


    RING THE ALARM. This palette is a bit of me. It's filled with warm toned cranberries and browns with a few golds and pinks and I'm here for it! I've used this palette a few times for my day to day makeup and for some of my Instagram Halloween Looks - I'm absolutely loving them - I have no problems with the formulation, pigment or blending I think they're fantastic - my current favourite shades are: Bomb Ass, Mugshot, Secret and On Camera. If you love warm tones - get this!


    DARK MAGIC. I feel like because I'm someone who's quite creative with makeup I instantly look at this palette and I know what look to do with it. However, I know not everyone works that way! So I can understand why some people might freak out when they look at this but I love all these deep teals and forest greens it's so nice to see something refreshing and different than the same old shadows! I'll be uploading a YouTube tutorial soon on how to use this! I think the shades in here are absolutely flawless, the shades Power Cut, Potion & Trickery are my favourites!


    BLING BOSS. If you've got green eyes like me then you need this because purple/maroon eyeshadows make our eye colour POP! This palette is full of purples, maroons and rose golds! I've also used this palette to create some looks and honestly I love it. My favourite shades are Gem, Sparks, Pizzaz & Berry Treasure.


    ARMED & GORGEOUS. Ohhh huns, this palette. if I was an eyeshadow palette this would be me. Golds, warm browns and a forest green! I cannot stop wearing this palette, I'm honestly obsessed. I can't wait to film a look using this palette, I might have to do 5 videos because I've got too many ideas! My favourite shades are Access, Coin, Gilt Trip, Secure, Classified, Top Secret & Smooth Criminal (basically the whole palette).

    Huns, if you don't have this get it. The quality is absolutely exceptional and if you don't want the full collection you can buy the palettes separately! I am honestly blown away by these shadows and I can't wait to start creating some looks! I've been using them daily and for a few Halloween looks but I just can't wait to sit down and have a proper play with each palette! Keep your eyes peeled on my YouTube Channel for alllllll the looks to come using these gorg shades!

    Have you bought the Vault Collection? What are your thoughts? Which palette are you most drawn to? Let me know in the comments! See you in the next post!

    Rebecca x


    1. They all look beautiful! I really love the shades and the swatches are stunning. a bit weary of picking it up because of the mixed reviews and I know it is OOS atm, look forward to seeing it in action on a video! Gorgeous post Rebecca, thank you for sharing xxx

      ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

      1. Hey hun! Thanks for reading! I was a little weary too but I loved the original palette so much so I didn’t want to miss out on this just because of mixed reviews! Super excited to get the tutorials up too! Xxx


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