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    Friday, 4 November 2016

    MAC Haul! Whisper of Gilt is back!

    Good afternoon my sweets! Today is a great day! Not because it's Friday - but because today was the day my MAC delivery came and I have been waiting and waiting for it so desperately! 

    Of course I couldn't wait to tell you all about one of the products I bought so as soon as my delivery came I was on it taking pictures for this post as I wanted to upload the post ASAP (by ASAP I mean 4 hours after my parcel was delivered).

    If you're a MAC junkie you will remember Whisper of Gilt which was a highlighter that everyone loved but it was limited edition and was discontinued. HOWEVER, it has been brought back in this years MAC Christmas Collection in the Nutcracker Sweet Copper Face Compact along with Extra Dimension Blush in Pleasure Model which is also STUNNING. So if you never got your hands on Whisper of Gilt before or you're running out - now is the time to grab it! Check out the swatch of Whisper of Gilt at the bottom of this post it's insane! I'm so grateful that my friend works at MAC otherwise I would have had no clue that this product was out!

    Along with the Nutcracker Sweet Copper Face Compact, I also picked up the Extended Play Gigablack Lash Mascara. I purchased this because Jaclyn Hill raves about how good it is for lower lashes and I hate using a chunky mascara wand for my lower lashes because it can be quite messy, so hopefully this will be amazing!

    If you know me you know how much I love orange eyeshadows, anything orange or warm brown and I need it. Rule is such a beautiful eyeshadow it's a bright orange but a bit peachy too! I can't wait to get this on my lids!

    Recently I've been seeing a lot of makeup artists use the MAC 109 brush for foundation! It seems to give a flawless finish so I picked up this brush so I can give this a go!

    Last but not least I purchased the MAC Warm Neutrals eyeshadow palette. This is a palette ready made with 15 full size eyeshadows. Obviously I had to get the warm palette! I haven't purchased any MAC eyeshadows in a very long time so I'm excited to try these colours which I've not used before! Plus the palette was reduced from £65 to £49.50 which is a bargain for eyeshadows that are £10 each individually!

    I was also very kindly given a sample of the Pro Eye Makeup Remover, I've never tried any MAC skincare before so I'll see how I get on with this!

    Top to bottom (Whisper of Gilt, Pleasure Model Blush, Rule Eyeshadow)

    Thanks for reading what I ordered from MAC this week! Will you be picking up the Nutcracker Sweet Copper Face Compact? Let me know in the comments below! See you soon!

    Rebecca x



    1. Whisper of Guilt looks gorgeous on your skin tone. I also love that warm neutrals palette, it is my everyday palette Great haul.


      1. Awh thank you! I've actually just tried the warm neutrals palette after posting this it's pretty nice! Thanks for your comment girl!x

    2. I need the warm neutrals palette it's such good value! Also that face compact looks absolutely incredible.

      Coleoftheball xx

      1. It definitely it now that it's reduced! And it is! I've just used it after posting this and i'm absolutely blown away! Thanks for your comment chick!xx

    3. You spent some serious money! I ordered the face compact today. I'm so excited to get it after seeing your watching. I'm intrigued by the warm neutrals palette. I've wanted for ages, but i've heard mixed reviews. Now its cheaper I might just do it xx

      LPage Beauty

      1. Hahaha! I haven't done a MAC haul in forever and a day so I did a splurge! You will love the face compact, I've just used it whilst doing my makeup and Whisper of Gilt is truly incredible! I've just tried the warm neutrals palette too there's definitely better matte eyeshadows out there but the shimmery shades in there are incredible! I only bought it because it was discounted too I thought why not, we can never have too many eyeshadows!haha thanks for your comment once again Leanne!xx


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