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    Monday, 11 April 2016

    Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Collection

    My love for Makeup Geek Eyeshadows is definitely not a shock to anyone. I've talked about them on here before in a few posts but I've never actually talked about the different types of eyeshadows, their prices or shown you the different ones I have in my collection with swatches. When Beauty Bay started stocking Makeup Geek eyeshadows back in the late months of last year it was relief to all of us in the UK as we can now order them and not have to pay the shipping price from the US. 

    The three types of shadows I own from Makeup Geek are the original eyeshadows which have a matte, shimmery or metallic finish (£4.95). Foiled eyeshadows which have an intense, opaque and metallic finish (£7.95). Duochrome eyeshadows which are two toned pigmented eyeshadows (£4.95).  

    What started off as a little collection of 4 has spiralled out of control (in a good way I promise) into 33 little pans of heaven. I store mine in a large Z palette displayed above however I do have 6 extra eyeshadows that are not in the picture above as they are stored in a separate Z palette. What I love about Makeup Geek eyeshadows is that they are more affordable than higher end eyeshadows but there is certainly no compromise on quality. I am terrible at describing colours so the descriptions of the shades below are from Makeup Geek. 


    White Lies - Pure white (matte finish)
    Baby Face - Light brown with cool grey undertones (matte finish)
    Vanilla Bean - Light beige (matte finish with very light shimmer)
    Peach Smoothie - Light peachy beige (matte finish)
    Chickadee - Warm yellow orange (matte finish)
    Creme Brûlée - Medium sand (matte finish)
    Grandstand (Foiled Eyeshadow) - Medium rose gold with slight taupe undertones


    Americano - Dark brown with subtle purple undertones (matte finish)
    Steampunk (Duochrome eyeshadow) - Blue/black base with copper reflects
    Brown Sugar - Warm copper brown (shimmery finish)
    Country Girl - pink brown (shimmery finish)
    Flamethrower (Foiled eyeshadow) - Bright warm copper
    Cocoa Bear - Reddish brown (matte finish)
    Frappe - medium maple brown (matte)


    Showtime (Foiled eyeshadow) - Rusty brown with warm undertones
    Burlesque - Muted burgundy with warm undertones (metallic finish)
    Bitten - Deep maroon red (matte finish)
    Cherry Cola - Deep brown with strong red undertones (matte finish)
    Vintage - Medium brown with mauve undertones (matte finish)
    Cupcake - Medium pink (matte finish)
    Confection - Blush pink with subtle grey undertones (matte finish)


    Motown - Deep eggplant purple (matte finish)
    Drama Queen - Densely dark purple (shimmery finish)
    Corrupt - Intense black (matte with a very subtle sparkle)
    Bedrock - Medium grey with strong brown undertones (matte finish)
    Prom Night - Pale purple with hints of grey (shimmery finish)
    Sorbet - Pastel melon pink (matte finish)


    Havoc (Duochrome eyeshadow) - Warm red brown base with teal reflects
    Masquerade (Foiled eyeshadow) - Bright medium plum with warm undertones
    Wisteria - Pale purple (matte finish)
    Daydreamer (Foiled eyeshadow) - Light lilac with cool undertones
    Whimsical (Foiled eyeshadow) - Frosted silvery pale pink
    Neptune - Bright blue (matte finish)

    That concludes my collection, let me know what your favourite shades are from Makeup Geek or your favourite eyeshadows in general in the comments below! See you soon!

    Rebecca x

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