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    Thursday, 29 December 2016

    What I Got For Christmas 2016

    Hello my lovelies! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas! and if you don't celebrate Christmas - I hope you had an amazing day! I had such an amazing day being around my loved ones and eating a hell of a lot of food and drinking a hell of a lot of wine.

    It's time for all the "What I Got For Christmas" posts and I'm certainly jumping on the band wagon. I love having a snoop at what each of us got as gifts, it's just a bit of fun! We all deserve treats now and then for all our hard work and these are things we have had our eyes on for a while so why not share it!

    In terms of makeup I was absolutely spoilt! There are so many things that I received which I have wanted for such a long time.

    I love the original strobe cream from MAC so much so when I saw the Goldlite one released I've been dying to try it and I love it! My boyfriend accidentally ordered two so I have enough to last me while!

    I looooove this concealer! My shade is actually Ginger which I do have already but I wanted Custard for those days when I want a highlight as well as conceal. I used this for my makeup on Christmas Day and I loved it!

    If you know me or you follow me on Instagram you will know that these are quite possibly my favourite lashes of all time. That is all.

    I am OBSESSED with duochrome eyeshadows. Truly in love. I've been using them so much recently on my Instagram posts and when I swatched this in Selfridges in October you all know I fell in love, and rightly so! Scroll to the bottom of this post for the swatch and you'll see why!

    Another duochrome eyeshadow - what a shock. This is absolutely STUNNING as soon as I opened this I took it straight out of the packaging for a quick swatch.

    This was actually my secret santa gift from work and when I opened it I was gobsmacked as we'd set the budget to £10 so it was incredibly heart warming and I was so so grateful.

    I've been loving bright colours on my eyes recently - especially a pop of colour in my waterline so this is a perfect gift for me.

    Oh boy oh boy. Theres so much hype about this product and I'm so glad because I was sucked into the hype and I don't regret it! This is the freshest product I've ever smelt. You spray it and your instanrtly relaxed by the scent alone. I've been using this before my moisturiser and also at the end of my makeup to diffuse all the powders.

    Volume is a struggle between me and my hair. My hair is very thick, so naturally I do have a lot of volume but because it's so long and heavy the volume is sacrificed. I'm so excited to try this range to see how it gets on with my hair!

    This set is for dry and damaged hair and it's moisturising for the help of recovery. I absolutely love it. I used them both yesterday when I washed my hair and I can definitely tell a difference. My hair looks so much smoother!

    Victoria's Secret Scandalous Gift Set
    I've never tried any of the Victoria's Secret fragrances until now but I love this fragrance mist. I think this will be a spray that I just throw in my handbag and use through out the day rather than taking my glass bottles out with me and running the risk of smashing them (this would happen to me - trust me).

    I received two of my favourite fragrances this year! Victor&Rolf Flowerbomb EDP and Lancôme La Vie est Belle EDP. When I worked in fragrance for 3 years before moving to Laura Mercier these were the two fragrances I used to wear all the time. I find that they both last so well on my skin.

    Last but certainly not least is dare I say it, my favourite gift. I received, from my amazing boyfriend, a Christian Louboutin lipstick (squeal!). Mine is in the shade Just Nothing which is a perfect matte brown nude shade, a perfect match for my favourite MAC lipliner, Stripdown. I actually stared at it for a good five minutes before applying it on Christmas Day because it was so pretty. The formula of this lipstick is AMAZING. There was no lipstick transfer onto my wine glass! and after having six courses of food, it looked barely touched. I've never been so impressed with a lipstick, I've been blown away by this beautiful gift.

    Swatches from bottom to top (NARS Dual Intensity - Pasiphae, Urban Decay - Solstice, MAC Melon Pigment, MAC Goldlite Strobe Cream, Christian Louboutin - Just Nothing and LA Girl - Aquatic.)

    That concludes what I got for Christmas this year! I hope you enjoyed having a little look into my gifts and I'll forever be grateful for the beautiful gifts I received this year. I've enjoyed Christmas so much and I'm grateful that I had a few days off work to enjoy spending time with my loved ones - that was the best gift of all. My next post will probably be in the new year so we can catch up then! See you soon!

    Rebecca x



    1. Oh my gosh I love everything you got! I need that NARS shadow. I have quite a few of the Dual Intensity Shadows but not that one - it looks incredible! I love the look of the Moondust shadow too, such a pretty shade xxx

      1. Me too, I'm so grateful! It's a beautiful eyeshadow and such a nice formula! What other shades would you recommend of the dual intensity eyeshadows?!xxx

    2. OMG you got some great products there! The Louboutin lipstick is gorg x

      1. I know I certainly wasn't expecting it! and it's so beautiful I'm still gobsmacked that it's mine!xx

    3. I love these posts, so nice to have a browse haha! SO jealous of that Loub lipstick, and you have the prettiest shade :)

      Claire | Vanity Claire xx

      1. Me too! I love having a little peak!haha and awh thanks I love the colour too!xx

    4. Wow I'm absolutely in love with that Louboutin lipstick... it looks and sounds absolutely incredible!! Lancome La Vie Est Belle is one of my favourite ever scents too! I received Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede for Christmas and I'm obsessed! XX

      Ciara Rose | | Bloglovin’

      1. You and me both girl! and mine too! I received La Vie est Belle last Christmas too as I loved wearing it so much at work but it ran out about a month ago so I'm happy to have another and ooooh I love Jo Malone too! I've never smelt Peony&Blush Suede but I love Lime, Basil & Mandarin so much!xxx

    5. You've got lovely gifts :) I was hoping for some make up for Christmas but didn't get any, but when I have loads of it, I tend to get given lots more! x

      1. Ahh no way! That happens with me and chocolate, I want chocolate all year round and never really have it but come Christmas when I don't want any, I'm surrounded by it!! haha xx

    6. Omg what wonderful things you got for Christmas and you definitely have yourself a keeper there!(: My fiancé also absolutely spoiled me rotten this Christmas.I think I want to try that Caudalie spray you mentioned though.I'm a sucker for facial spray ever since I got a sample of one from Julique(I believe).(:

      1. They do spoil us sometimes don't they!! Definitely try it it's beautiful, I've heard the Jurlique one is nice too but I've never tried any of their products. Would you recommend?xx

    7. Love it. Please check out my NYE 2017 hairstyles tutorial!

      Kisses xo | From Aliona With Love

      Instagram @alionawithlove

      Twitter @alionawithlove

    8. I got the Strobe Cream in Goldlite as well - can't wait to use it! The Huda Beauty lashes are supposed to be amazing too :)

      Happy New Year

      Jasmine xx

      Jasmine Talks Beauty


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